About Us

MINISO is a Japanese-Inspired lifestyle retailer offering a wide range of products for consumers. Since beginning business operations in 2013 under the stewardship of Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu, MINISO has explored a unique and novel business model in the retail field and to date have opened more than 4,200 stores worldwide.

MINISO focuses on life supplies with aesthetic beauty. The MINISO philosophy focuses on simplicity, nature and good quality with a brand proposition of ‘returning to nature’

MINISO advocates the philosophy of quality life and with the brand spirit of respecting our customer is dedicated to providing products of high quality, competitive price and creative design.  All over the world, MINISO has earned the love of consumers of all ages for our well designed, simple products of superb quality and value for money.

At MINISO we also attach great importance to consumer’s shopping experience and devote ourselves to creating a culture of quality service, so as to convey health, leisure, quality and creativity through your in-store experience.

Brand Philosophy

The nature in which human beings live has magical power. We enjoy what nature gives us; we learn and create from her.

Because of this, we pursue a simple & natural life philosophy. We design and manufacture excellent goods at honest prices, taking into account the earth’s resources, environment, recycling and other issues and thus truly return to nature and the essence of product.

MINISO is not only a brand, but also a way of life. When developing products at MINISO, we always strive to approach it from the consumer’s point of view to bring you what you both want and need – well designed and attractive, superior quality products at an affordable price.

MINISO enriches lives with a wide range of products at reasonable prices. It is like a compass, pointing to the basic and natural directions by providing simple and natural products.

Environmental Mission

Where we come from and who we should cherish

As a member of society, MINISO actively explores the correlation between the Earth’s environment and human civilization, paying attention to the health problems in the community and the environment, to ensure the health and safety of products or materials are healthy and safe, without neglecting any impact on the environment and natural which may arise as a result of its operations. Moreover, Miniso is in strict compliance with the basic principles to offer high quality products and energy saving blueprint. At the same time, Miniso constantly cooperates with global environmental protection organizations, aiming to provide various types of natural and environmental friendly products to consumers.