The Second Anniversary of MINISO’s Establishment in Brazil

The Second Anniversary of MINISO’s Establishment in Brazil
30th August 2019 chloe

On August 23, 2017, MINISO opened its first store in Brazil at Shopping Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo. The opening officially kicked off MINISO’s expansion in the Brazilian market.

Two years on, MINISO has achieved fruitful results in the Brazilian market. The high quality, creative and highly affordable products of MINISO gained the trust of local consumers. MINISO has become one of the most important choices for local consumers to buy daily necessities. At present, MINISO has opened more than 50 stores in Brazil, mainly in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. It gradually opened stores in SC and PR states in the south, and stores in central and northern parts are also under preparation.

On August 1, MINISO announced that the ERP-SAP system was officially launched in the Brazilian market, and the self-built logistics warehouse was put into use simultaneously. MINISO’s internal process control, such as finance, logistics and supply chain, will be comprehensively improved under the new system. At the same time, the system will also coordinate with a new round of new product strategy (including Marvel and other IP products), allowing MINISO to usher in a new round of rapid development in the local market.

This system is a global business operation service platform with SAP as the core system jointly built by MINISO and IBM, the world’s largest information technology and business solutions company, in 2017. MINISO hopes to develop into a comprehensive digital platform linking supply chains, operations, finance, logistics and human resources through the analysis and decision-making of big data, refining operations and supporting the rapid expansion of MINISO in the global market.

In February 2019, MINISO headquarters decided to build its own ERP-SAP system and logistics warehouse in Brazil for it was optimistic about the Brazilian market. After six months of construction, the SAP system and self-built logistics warehouse were successfully launched on the second anniversary of MINISO entering the Brazilian market.

According to the director of MINISO Brazilian market, MINISO will enlarge the product category and speed up the release of new products in the Brazilian market in the future. Together with investors, MINISO will cover stores in all major cities throughout Brazil. The total number of MINISO stores in Brazil will reach 300 in the future. The brand from Asia has entered a rapid development stage in the Brazilian market.

Outside Brazil, MINISO’s international expansion is also booming. Up to now, this household brand, with cost-effective products specializing in daily necessities, housewares, beauty and skin care products and digital accessories has more than 3,900 stores around the world, which are distributed in more than 70 countries and regions.