MINISO Donates 40,000 Masks to Australia to Specially Support Disabled People

MINISO Donates 40,000 Masks to Australia to Specially Support Disabled People
20th April 2020 chloe

The real-time dynamic trend of COVID-19 is touching people’s heart all over the world. As of April 13, 2020, according to data from WHO, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide surpassed 1.84 million withnew cases and deaths keeping raising outside China, in which, the confirmed cases in Australia has already exceeded 6000. This global pandemic is a great challenge for all of us and many caring enterprises have joined in the battle with a sense of responsibility and mission. Recently, MINISO has donated 40,000 masks to medical service organizations in Australia to support them in their work fighting against COVID-19, which was also reported by ABC NEWS, a local media in Australia.


MINISO donates 40,000 masks to medical service organizations in Australia

From the latest updates on global pandemic, the trend of confirmed COVID-19 cases is considered to be still on its upward slope. While the figure in Australia tends to be gentle recently, it must not be taken lightly. Knowing the shortage of epidemic prevention materials in Australia, MINISO has donated 40,000 masks to Ermha Ltd in Australia for the exclusive use of disabled people, for providing strong support and assistance to medical institutions in this country. Different from typical donations in the past, MINISO paid more attentions to disabled people this time. In this pandemic in Australia, disabled people are the most vulnerable group and they are usually scattered far and wide. MINISO donated through Australian Department of National Services for People with Disabilities and its subordinated service alliance consisting of 34 communities, so as to ensure these epidemic prevention materials can be delivered to disabled people who need it most as well as service staff of these organizations in an accurate and timely way.

This donation has been successfully completed thanks to the mature global supply chain and strong power of decision-making of MINISO, which is a brand with over 800 manufacturers in Asia and Europe and a rich variety of products. Since its opening three years ago, MINISO has been selling over ten thousand of products including masks. The mature supply chain enables MINISO to deal with the emergency of this outbreak. When the COVID-19 outbreak became serious in Australia, the transportation of epidemic prevention materials became so difficult due to the mass cancellations of flights. MINISO responded quickly to this problem and has organized chartered airplane to transport a big batch of masks that meet Australia’s standards and antibacterial hand gels. It also works with its over 30 offline shops around the country to provide these products for consumers of different communities.

For a series of efforts against the epidemic supporting Australia, Richard Li, the vice president of MINISO Australia told the reporter of ABC NEWS that, “as a global retail brand, MINISO just have done what we should do and we are always doing the right thing”.