MINISO Collaborates with PANTONE to Create Hot-sale Products

MINISO Collaborates with PANTONE to Create Hot-sale Products
27th November 2018 chloe

Fashionistas are no strangers to the color giant PANTONE. As the world’s most prestigious color authority, PANTONE focuses on the development and research of color. The fashion color released every year by PANTONE has been a popular benchmark in the design industry for many years, and is also the object of cooperation from all walks of life. From clothing and architecture to homeware and even a variety of fashion elements, PANTONE impacts our taste in life and shopping direction from the inside and out.

Due to the authority of PANTONE, its obsession with color and the humanistic spirit behind it, many fashion brands and even cross-industry brands have cooperated with PANTONE and made interesting joint projects.

MINISO sensed the business opportunities that PANTONE can bring to the brand, thus it cooperated with PANTONE this year to create a series of “MINISO color” products.


MINISO collaborated with PANTONE to make interesting attempts.



As for PANTONE, the search for the color of the year often begins a year ago or more. The PANTONE team looks around the world for inspiration and uses a color to express the fashion trends of the new year.


In the past, color represented consistent aesthetics and standards, while PANTONE added some thoughts and ideas of the taste of life and humanistic spirit to color choice. Therefore, color began to have the power to change the world, affect people’s perception of the world, and influence people’s inner pursuits. To this day, we can change the world through the power of color.


This is the case with the MINISO X PANTONE series jointly launched by MINISO and PANTONE in the Chinese market.



Powder, blue products and dark blue stationery set of MINISO X PANTONE series.



There are cellphone cases, thermos cups, power banks and small mirrors in pink and blue hues, as well as makeup bags, baseball caps, notepads and canvas bags in MINISO X PANTONE colors, and even a deep blue stationery set for men.


Such products have been well received since their launch and have been recommended by popular KOLs.

Recently, MINISO collaborated with many famous “IP” to develop cross-border marketing, and launched co-branded products with PANTONE. MINISO shows precise commercial sensitivity, which is able to capture consumers’ preferences.